1007 Introduction

Sport or Dolce? (UK versions)

The Sport adds to the Dolce:

Body colour door rubbing trips; aluminium pedals; slightly different spotlight surround; slightly different lower panel at the rear; alloy wheels; sports seats (though I can feel no difference); alloy gear knob; black tinted headlamps; chrome exhaust extension; automatic headlamps and wipers; digital climate control heating; front carpet mats; silver surround to radio/heater.

None of which is essential to the enjoyment of your 1007

An unusual extra (made possible by the height within the cabin) was available:   Electrically operated swivelling passenger seat  .   Called the Turnout and made by Swedish firm Auto Adapt.  Can also be fitted on the driver's side.  Peugeot main dealers can have the conversion done (eg Bakers of Gillingham, Tel: 01747 822434)

If a qualifying mental or physical disability exists the seat conversion is exempt from VAT.  They cost about £1,500 (VAT at 0%).  Then the whole vehicle may be VAT exempt as a "vehicle converted on account of a disability", saving the amount spent on the seat in VAT.  - - - -  see Honest John 

Useless fact:

The original price (May 2006) for my yellow 1.4 Dolce manual was £10,850 but after throwing £3,800 (yes, almost £4,000) of extras at it, the showroom price became £14,650 and it still lacks metallic paint or Sport trim!  But the original price of my green 1.6 Sport auto was £12,800 - plus £900 of extras - so the showroom price became £13,700

So it was possible to buy a Dolce manual for £1,000 more than the top-of-the-range Sport!